Houston, Texas

I have been involved with this delightful, devoted breed since 1978, although my breeding program only became a reality in 2002.

I began to build on stock that produced consistantly solid, healthy, babies with that effervescent yorkie attitude, always mindful of the template set forth by the breed standard.  My puppies are bred for structure, soundness, health, personality and temperment, silk coats, and those adorable tight little baby doll faces.  I breed for quality, not quantity and have only several litters per year.  This is my passion, not my job.  My babies are raised and kept in my home, under constant supervision.  My nursery and Yorkie room is under 24 hour audio/video monitoring, complete with soft music for the nursery and a "heartbeat" sound machine for any newborns that are in the incubator.  TV is provided for the adult dogs during nap time and at night, when they are confined in their playpens.  Days are spent in the house, underfoot, being active members of the family, with play times in the yard, where they have a playground equipped with fun, mentally challenging, and stimulating exercises, equipment, and objects that keep them mentally active and invigorated.  There are "free play" periods as well as "structured play" sessions.

I am a "closed" kennel, that is, I bring no outside dogs into my kennel for breeding or stud services.  The public is not allowed free access to my home.  Diseases that could completely annihilate my entire program could easily be carried into my home on the soles of a stranger's shoes.
The safety and health of my babies is my responsibility, and I do not take that lightly.  This keeps my yorkies disease free.  I own both parents of all litters produced at RoseHill Yorkies.  My pricing is based on the individuality of each baby, the structure, parentage, pedigree, and potential of that particular baby.  I am continually improving my stock with the addition of pedigrees that are reflective of the exquisite old blood lines, the very blueprint of what I believe a Yorkshire Terrier should be.  My babies are sold with limited registration, which is my effort at preventing rampant, indiscriminate breeding of this noble dog.  No RoseHill Yorkie will contribute to "artistic experiments with mixing up different breeds" to turn out "designer dogs" for profit.

My babies go to their forever homes crate trained and wee wee pad trained.  No baby leaves RoseHill until at least 12 weeks of age and depending on the individual baby, I may hold a baby for up to a year.  They go to their new homes with all age appropriate vaccinations, and wormed.  They are sent with a puppy gift pack full of valuable information, the baby's health record and final system check, as well as my health guarantee, my contract, a personalized baby blanket with your baby's birthday and birth weight embroidered on it, a stuffed toy, and a precious baby book, that you can fill in all your new baby's "firsts", and favorite things!  My dogs are raised on Royal Canin mini kibble, which I believe is the benchmark for highly nutritious dog food, and I include a sample bag of puppy kibble in your gift pack.  You are provided a pedigree, and you will be given the registration papers for your baby when I get a letter from your Vet, on their letterhead, verifying the baby has been spayed or neutered. 

If you are interested in a healthy, happy, well socialized, "true to the breed standard" Yorkie, visit each page of my website and select your precious companion from the babies I offer.    There are cheaper dogs to be had, but there are none healthier or raised with more tender loving  care and attention than a RoseHill Yorkie baby!  I stake my reputation on that!  

Judy Wright, RN
Owner of RoseHill Yorkies
Houston,  Texas

Wishing you and your new companion all the best life has to offer.  This angel's sole existance on earth is to love you and be your faithful companion! 

"He is your friend, your partner, your defender, your dog.  You are his life, his love, his leader.  He will be yours, loyal, faithful, and true til the vert last beat of his heart..... Yo owe it to him to be worthy of such complete devotion".
In Loving
CH Boss